Jornada tècnica sobre Economia circular i ecodisseny

Jornada tècnica sobre Economia circular i ecodisseny

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 13:30Date: 24.11.15Time: 15Location: Oficines de Lavola a Barcelona (Rambla Catalunya, 6, 2º pis)

Next November 25, within the framework of Habitat Cluster Barcelona, the Technical Workshop: Circular economy and ecodesign, how do we benefit from it? will be organized. It aims to present what circular economy is and which tools do we use to explain it. Likewise, 2015 Innovation Coupons will be presented as ACCIÓ’s new public aids. 

The schedule for the day is as follows: 

  • 10.00 a.m. Welcome
  • 10.10 a.m. Introduction to circular economy: principles, EU strategy and business opportunities
  • 10.50 a.m. Practical applications
  • 11.20 a.m. Innovation Coupons Programme – Ecoinnovation Typology
  • 11.40 a.m. Speaking time
  • 12.00 noon. End of the session

Registration at this link.
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